Dig the Dirt!

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It’s time to find a friend and bring her out to the Dirt Derby. This coming Tuesday, September 15th, all races are free to the ladies.

For your male friends:
We didn’t want to leave out the guys so … we’re including people who look like ladies. If a guy can convince registration they are worthy then they can race for free, but lame attempts will not be rewarded. If we get enough people we might just have some Drag Races in the inner loop during the beginner race time slot.

Some come one, come all! Next month we’ll have an even better Ladies Night with some clinics, but FREE isn’t a bad way to start out!

-Jen Joy, Team NRC Women’s Racing


All Fun in the Dirt!

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Photo of NRC Womens very own captain, Sara Krause, courtesy of www.austinontwowheels.org

Photo of NRC Women's very own captain, Sara Krause, courtesy of http://www.austinontwowheels.org

Tuesday nights at the dirt derby!  Turn your tv off and get your butt out to the track.  This is by far the most fun on dirt in Austin!  There was a great showing by the NRC/Kona team….I debated about what race to do, should I do one or two.  I decided I am not really about the results, but I am about the workout and helping other women feel comfortable out there racing…so, I signed up for the “B” race and the “C – Women’s only race”.  The “B” race was first.  I lined up in the back, back behind all the men and the 3 other women who braved this race.  The “B” race track is a bit longer than the “C” race track…therefore, I was less likely to get lapped by the faster dudes 🙂    Long story short, just like I started I finished in the back, back!  It hurt really bad, but was a freaking blast and fabulous workout!  After catching my breath for about 10 minutes, the “C, Women’s only” race started.  I decided to just “ride” this race, since I was pretty worn out from the “B” race.  I started in the back of the pack…realized I had a rock in my cleat, so I was unable to clip in right away.  I kicked my pedal a few times to knock the rock out…and continued on my merry way up the track for a fairly relaxed lap one, while encouraging a few first timers along the way.  Before I knew it the bell rung for last lap and I saw one of my freinds and fellow racers in the distance…I decided what the heck, let’s go for it and see if you can catch her.  It was so much fun…I was gaining and gaining, but did not have enough left in me to catch her on the final climb.  Great job my fellow friend for sticking it out!  Great job to my fellow NRCer’s who gave it hell on and off the track!  It was also super cool to see so many new female faces out there giving it a go!

NRC/Kona Women’s team Cat 2 racer, Kristi Welch – Keep on pedaling!

Race Clinic #2

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The women of Team NRC Women’s Racing had great success last night at the second Beginner’s Race Clinic.  The clinic was held at Walnut Creek in conjunction with Ride Like A Girl.
Here are just a few pictures of the fun we had last night!  If you are interested in learning more about the clinics or racing, please contact us.  The final Beginner’s Race Clinic will be on September 14th.

Come Join Us!

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Ever thought of racing?  Want to try something new?  No matter if the saddle is your second home or you are new to knobby tires, entering a mountain bike race is a great way to challenge, inspire, and have loads of fun.  It is also a great way to work on your skills, travel to rad courses, and meet awesome people.

Join the women of NRC for our second race clinic this Monday at Ride Like A Girl.  We split up in to our own group to discuss all aspects of getting started i racing and move on to skills and strategy.  It is a great time and you’ll meet other women with the same interests.

Ride Like A Girl will meet this Monday, the 24th, at Walnut Creek.  Wheels down at 6 but please be there 15 minutes early to get your bike set up, check in, and hang out.  For more information on Ride Like A Girl, please select the link in the side bar or email us.

See you out there!

Beginner’s Racing Clinic at RLAG

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Last night was the first beginner’s racing clinic that Team NRC Women held during Ride Like A Girl.  The women worked learned the basics of racing from signing up, pre-riding, race starts, etiquette rules of the trail and passing safely.

There will be two more beginner’s racing clinics, the 24th of August and the 14th of September, but we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on riding and racing.  Please feel free to leave comments or send us an email directly at, teamnrcwomen@nrcycles.com.


Carla teaching about race starts.


Discussing race start strategies.

And they're off...

And they're off...

Beginner Racer Resources

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RLAG-NRC Handout copy

Team NRC/Kona Women- Race Clinics

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race flyer clinic copy